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Since 1996! We’re certainly not your typical walk-in retail store, so we certainly hope you’ll give us a shot the next time you need to buy or sell some gear!

BLOWOUT SALE – Jan 5th 2019 –
Thanks to everyone that came out for the sale Saturday!  Great deals and free stuff were had!

That being said, there are still several great deals available!  Lots of keyboard cases (hard and soft), a few guitar cases, pedals, rack gear, shop gear, etc. Contact us to schedule a time!

4737 College Park, Ste 107 (far north off 1604 and Lockhill Selma)

Gear For Sale – Our inventory changes regularly, so we don’t always keep a complete list online. If you’re looking for something particular, the best thing to do is contact us on our Contact Page or Email us!

Also, be sure to check us out on REVERB.COM – This is a great place to shop for gear, MUCH better than eBay (although we do still list some gear on eBay). We don’t have everything listed on these sites, but it’s a great place to start!